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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wonderful Websites - Karen Tunny

Independent music producer and online exporter, Andrea Rieniets inspired QCAN members with some great ideas about developing their business online at our most recent member event.

Andrea showed how developing a great website could, rather than creating more work, actually free up ccd workers' and artists' time as well as creating the potential of other income streams.

Andrea's great tips included -
  • work with a buddy (that will make it easier and more fun!) to answer the following questions - what am I offering? how does it help people? where are they hanging out?
  • tell people about the benefits of what you're offering rather than simply describing it
  • begin with a market or niche markets and find out what they want rather than beginning with a product.
More great ideas and wonderful ways of learning about websites on
Andreas's Blog Tips and Tools for Creatives and at her website Gorgeousworld.

Andrea shares some tips with QCAN member Flloyd Kennedy


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