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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Volunteers at QCAN - Wendy Hall

This morning I'm sitting here in the QCAN office with Eliane Polek, a media student from Germany. Eliane is in Australia until December and is currently writing her thesis and volunteering at QCAN. Eliane has been extremely helpful and is training all QCAN staff in how to blog. I first spoke to Eliane a about a month ago when she phoned the office to find out how she might be a volunteer.

I was a volunteer at QCAN myself for about a year before finding employment here. Volunteering with QCAN helped me change career paths and get some 'on-the-job' experience to see if I really wanted to go in a new direction.

Now I look forward to the days when our volunteers come in. Tash, Craig, June, Alastair and Sharen help us out regularly and do all kinds of interesting things such as working in the library, helping with the monthly Bulletin mailout, updating the blog, website and RADF slide kit and thousands of other things that constantly pop up.


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