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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Impact Team – Facilitation Workshop - Amanda Hayman

The Impact Team is a youth management team that is steering the youth stream of the Ignition 05 Symposium.

The Impact Team was delighted that, QCAN member, Chris Pye, joined our group to run a proffesional development workshop for us on Tuesday 4th October. Chris shared the ESSARE System with us and focused on Encounter and Context. With the help of Chris, our group identified circumstances to consider when preparing for a workshop, good facilitation skills and methods of engaging a group.

All Impact Team members had only positive feedback and thought the workshop was beneficial and will certainly assist in facilitating a successful Solutions Session and Chill Out Space at Ignition 05.

The Ignition 05 project is supported by Brisbane City Council, through the Visible Ink program.


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