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Friday, March 17, 2006

Art Built-In Craigslea Schools - Tamara Playne

Picture: Craigslea State School students constructing a scale model of the ramp, which we then used as a working tool to test out proposed artworks and to get a sense of the site which is still under construction.

Hi everyone,
Yes it's the Maiden Voyage for me into the land of Blog, so please forgive any first-timer mistakes.
I want to share an exciting project and link up with others doing the same one.
I am one artist (of 12) selected to work on the Education Queensland version of Art Built-in for 2006. Basically it's a residency within a school to create some permanent and temporary artworks with students.
I am aware of one of the other artists, but wondered if there were any others out there who can share their paralell experience.
I am working with Craigslea State High School and Primary School, side by side in Chermside Brisbane. We have a site which is the entrance to the arts auditorium being built as we speak.
The entrance is a long multi layered ramp and is the only entrance since the construction budget was cut and there are no longer any stairs.
Half the students I am working with have disabilities and the schools are a great example of accessibility in physical layouts and inclusivity in education. I am working with primary and secondary.
The brief is to create artwork that heightens the sensory experience of people entering the arts auditorium. So there are, some large scale xylophones (a la Linsey Pollak), an interactive revolving cubes installation, some water features in ceramic and hebel, a digital installation or two, some celebratory textile flags and hopefully a cable installation designed to grow things up.

Yours creatively
Tamara Playne
p.s. I noted somewhere that Roland Nancarrow is doing an ABI up north. If you know him say hi from me. He was one my art teachers in high school!

This is another picture from someone else's project (google you are beautiful). The YAB concept is being used in our project too. More about that in the next blog.
Hooray for now. . .

Tamara Playne


Blogger Austories said...

Hi Tamara,
well done for your maiden blog. Love the photos. It will be good to see some work in progress photos if you could. Another idea would be to get some of the students to post up some thoughts on the project as well.

I love the thought of water features in schools. Hey, we didn't have water features when we went to school - only a drinking trough where you could spray water around when there were no teachers about.

What will the digital installation do? I know some neat digital stories created by local high school kids at the Chermside Library.

I'm currently out at Charleville packing in my motel room ready to go out with a group of students and elders to Mt Tabor station for an Intergenerational learning digital storytelling project. Should be a buzz.

Daryll Bellingham
Brisbane (Charleville & Mt Tabor)

10:28 pm, March 17, 2006  
Anonymous June Perkins said...

Hi Tamara,

What wonderful idea to have something creative going in on a regular basis in a school. I haven't done this sort of work myself but more seen stories on it.
I would love to suggest it to my son's school- they have a lot of murals in their school but perhaps there are other senses other than the visual that can be added.

I love the idea of taking account of all the children's senses. It is encouraging to see this in design and beautification of a space. Especially important if some senses might not be as strong in the setting within which you work.

I wonder if there is space for a herb garden or something for a community garden for the childre - i love it when schools have even a tiny space for this. We visited a garden when I was kid that was our school one at another block of land. Yes, I think photos of the project in progress would be great-

I love the sound of chimes in the wind & and once saw some large sound making chimes in a children's playground in Wollongong once. They played but could also strike out the notes on it.

Once at preschool my youngest was in, they recycled old CDs and turned them into mobiles and strung them together. They looked quite neat strung together reflecting rainbow light.

Anyway soon I might do some work in schools, the gumboots4peace project I am working on has interested a primary school and a kindy so maybe I'll join your ranks in some small way Tamara.

Best Wishes

June Perkins
Cardwell Shire
March 18th 2006

3:12 pm, March 18, 2006  
Anonymous June said...

Sorry just reread your post and noted the garden growing up -
I think I was thinking how wonderful dirt and sand are for the fingers as well, and something you can really have a lot of beatiful smells come from - although there is also the problem of bees.

3:17 pm, March 18, 2006  
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