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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bloggin' for a Writer in Community - June Perkins

Posted by Picasa
Image from Archives in the Land, an online exhibition by June

A blogging life is a beautiful life, for its somewhere I can escape my artistic and cultural isolation as a writer in small country town I have only just moved into. I can form networks of living threads into a Cyberthreads Project and reach out to a friend of twenty years in Holland, a friend of a decade in Darwin, a friend of five years in Canberra, and friends of a few months from Brisbane.

A blog is different to an email, in that I can create a space that has texture, mystery and invite you to visit. It is more accessible to me than a website as I am just not ready to take that journey. I can incorporate emails, phonecalls, images and everything that moves me to be a writer in community, now a writer in blogsphere. I can send you an invitation to my online exhibition no matter where you are. Lately I have created an archive of the land and memory in Pearlzo Art Exhibitions . I am amazed at how this exhibition has kept me afloat as I begin to make networks in a new town. I am even able to teach my partner the techno wiz of our family all about what I know about blogging.

Exploring the blog beat, a cyber cultural heart beat has led to innovations in the way I see myself writing in community. It is only a few short months since QCAN introduced me to the wonders of blogging through workshops and voluntary work. Yet it is as if I have taken a huge journey as inspiring and as confusing as Gulliver on his travels - I wonder what Jonathon Swift would have made of blogging and today's definition of Yahoo. I am almost certain he would have taken to blogging with a passion. I am sure it is a gift for all us community artists and writers to access such a tool and keep in touch with the networks we make.

June Perkins, Cardwell Shire.


Blogger Austories said...

Well done June. Yes blogging I think is a rich field of ccd jewels to explore. I like your Gullivers Travels metaphore. I've had such a journey myself with the internet, sometimes being tied down with technology, sometimes being liberated and finding that tools like website publishing have given me a wonderful opportunity to expand my storytelling ccd tool bag.

I am now starting to explore and develop Digital Storytelling in my ccd work and will shortly do a post on it.

I like the idea that a Jonathon named Swift would take to blogging with a passion.

Daryll Bellingham

11:12 am, March 05, 2006  
Blogger Unknown said...

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