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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Craigslea Update 3 - Tamara Playne

This will be my last post for another month as we end the first 6 weeks of workshops and take a break till next term.

The primary students today saw the blog and I am hoping to get some comments from them to add here soon.

In the meantime here's some pics of one of the water features being made. It will be a square based pyramid made of hebel and covered in hand-made ceramic tiles. The students have worked in pairs to make each facet emphasising texture and anticipating the water flow over the texture.

Tamara Playne


Anonymous June Perkins said...

It was great to see the photos Tamara. We have quite a time in our region with a recent cyclone and it made me realise how much we rely on electricity (we just got power today).

Lots of schools have been damaged in our region and will be repaired, and up in Innisfail rebuilt.

The kindy my son is in are talking about the kids doing some "drawing therapy" about the cyclone.

Anything you and Rachel have for ideas on this can you let me know.
We also have to do some fundraising for the kindy to fix a few things.

The environment has really been ravaged by it all! The trees are uprooted all over town and their surroundings have changed a bit.

Thanks(: I will think about the herbs and which ones smell nice as I build a herb garden here.

Today my partner bought me a ceramic gumboots flower pot as a surprise and has given me something else to think about for gumboots4peace.

4:45 pm, March 25, 2006  
Blogger QCAN Member said...

I don't have any specific ideas or knowledge of art therapy as a response to trauma. I'm sure there would be a lot to it. Other than that, doing art as a community process where you find out what people are most interested in at the time is always revealing.

Also in terms of priorities most people won't be putting art-making ahead of the more practical fundamentals for quite a while, I guess. But as for the re-build opportunities for art built-in type projects, I'm sure you will be able to spot the creative opp's as they arise.

Ceramic gumboots. . . mmm. . .


7:08 pm, March 25, 2006  
Anonymous Kim said...

I have been so impressed as to the enthusiasm and focus displayed by the students throughout this project. Tamara led the students well and they exceeded their expectations- all can't wait to see the installation complete.The Craigslea Primary students, I am a teacher there, have expressed their desire to me to know
" what's the next art project?"- Arts Council, are you there?

9:44 am, June 27, 2006  

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