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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

QCAN AGM and Awards

QCAN's AGM was held on Friday 24th March. As well as the election of the
Management Committee we were delighted to recognise Aunty Vi McDermott. Aunty Vi, a long time member of QCAN was awarded life membership. Aunty Vi is a Jinda Wakka Wakka Elder, (Burnett district - Queensland) a storyteller, singer, performer, song writer and public speaker with a deep knowledge of her culture and the sacred world.

Aunty Vi was a founding member of Icy Tea (Inala Community Theatre), a leading participant in the Magdalena Womens' Theatre Festival and Patron of the 2003 National Storytelling Festival, held in Brisbane.

Nominations for the 2005 Community Artist of the Year were all extremely worthy and were acknowledged by their nominators as outstanding cultural workers. The assessment panel, Cathy Hunt of Positive Solutions, John Jeffrey Community Arts Officer Brisbane City Council and QCAN Director Bronwyn Jewell faced a very difficult task.

The artists who were nominated were: Dr Pamela Croft, Bronwyn Davies, Dr Judy Pippen, Chris Pye, Craig Shaw, Jo Cruikshanks, Erica O'Neale, Michael Connolly, Carmen Stewart, Chris Stannard, Motoyuki Niwa and Scotia Monkovitch.

Scotia Monkovitch was chosen by the panel as the 2005 QCAN Community Artist of the Year for her work with Princess Alexandra Hospital, Access Arts and Helicon Dance. Neal Price, in his nomination of Scotia said: 'Her work achieved life changing outcomes for participants and positioned ccd processes as an integral part of healthcare and community well-being.'

As there was another outstanding nominee amongst the entrants who had made a significant contribution, it was decided to create another award: the 2005 Emerging Cultural Worker of the Year. That award went to Craig Shaw. Craig spent 2005 in tremendous change, both personally and professionally. His development was shared, nurtured and enjoyed by his community and specifically young Brisbane Murris. Craig was one of the many keen workers in the So Superfly project.


Blogger Austories said...

Nice to see Auny Vi honoured. Well done QCAN. Aunty Vi is a real networker and a hard worker for community cultural development in all sorts of ways. As Patron of the 2003 Australian National Storytelling Festival she was great.

10:50 pm, April 07, 2006  

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