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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Craigslea Update 4 - Tamara Playne

We are rolling into phase two now: that's the exciting/nerve wracking phase where we actually make the artwork we've been thinking about in phase one (see previous updates). It's been a mad time sourcing so many different materials: aluminium pipes, sheet metal, hebel stone, water pumps, timber, fabric, pvc pipes and bits to fit. Then finding those precious people who know their stuff: like the guy who's waking up in the wee hours with the solutions to our perspex cubes we're getting him to make, and the metal fabricator who assures me it's all do-able. My secret response as we reach deadlines is "well get on and do it then". I'm still on the lookout for stainless steel split rings (like a key ring), if anyone knows where. . . let me know.

The year 11 art students are working up blisters making two of the larger hebel water features. There will be three loosely pyramid shapes from 1metre high, 75cm high and 40cm high. The triangular shapes echo the triangular shapes created by the path of the entrance ramp (the artwork site).

The second picture shows some of the inserts for the 'revolving cubes' installation. One side of the cubes is designed for temporary changing exhibitions of laminated artwork like these.

One of the other sides will have aluminium 'dot drawings' made from drilled holes which reveal the black perspex background. Picture three shows these being made using a mallet and nail to make starter marks for drilling later. The sheet of aluminium is under the paper template.

This last picture shows some of the banner fabric which has been bleached-backed tie-dyed sometimes called 'Shibori'. The five banners are different colours and dye patterns and will also be screen-printed featuring posterised faces of students. They are 2metre high and cut to a scalloped triangular shape to match the triangular theme and will be flown from the ramp railings.

I welcome any questions about the artwork and processes you may have. It is hard to know how much detail to go into so in brevity I might have also lost some meaning.

Yours creatively

Tamara Playne


Anonymous June Perkins said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Tamara. I especially enjoy the photographs of the creations.

Here in Larry land, I am excited to be going to a project on the weekend where they are getting artists together to do their responses to the cyclone.

I heard about it from another friend, and its sounds like it will be a good thing to go and see it, and be part of it.

I will ask them if I can do an interview with the group.

6:10 pm, May 10, 2006  
Blogger QCAN Member said...

Yes, let us know (with a blog entry) what is going on up there and how people are responding.

3:21 pm, May 11, 2006  
Anonymous gothic fantasy art said...

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7:18 pm, June 14, 2012  

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