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Friday, May 19, 2006

Craigslea Update 6 - Tamara Playne

Now things are really cooking. . . take a look

The hebel water features are taking shape and we picked up the aluminium water troughs for them this week that they will sit in. That's what the 'stilts' are for, so they'll sit nicely in the water and leave room for the pump.

Here's one side of tiles made by the primary students to be glued to the small pyramid water feature.

Next up are the beloved revolving cubes made by the plastic box guy after numerous phone calls to discuss every last millimetre of them. When they arrived, I bonded with my newborns at first sight! Here you can see the interchangeable insert sides (filled with laminated colour paper collages) and the next facet featuring drill-hole design sheet aluminium.

Here's the lovely letters that will spell out You Are Beautiful on one side of all the revolving cubes.

And here's the textural tiles made for another side of the revolving cubes.


Anonymous June said...

Wow, it's all looking good. Met some artists here working on a project response to Larry Cyclone. It's looking pretty interesting.
They are busy documenting it and developing it.

Also had a visit from a visual artist/poet friend who has been involved in interesting projects collaborating between writers and painters (visual artists). I had fun taking her around to photograph things. I loved watching her at work.

11:55 pm, May 24, 2006  

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