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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Craigslea Update 7 - Tamara Playne

The artwork is nearly ready for installation. . .

The primary students made the ceramic tiles which are being attached to the small water feature. They developed their designs with the cascading water flow in mind.

Here's the middle-sized water feature with some lovely organic curves in the carving.

Here's the aluminium light feature which will sit on top of the digital projection box. The light will shine through the dot patterns which repeat the braille for "You are Beautiful" on two sides and the patterns of the zodiac with the Southern Cross in the centre form the patterns for the other two sides.

The digital projection box which is a large black plywood box on the outside has aluminium panels attached to it so that it will go well with the pyramid light feature sitting on top of it. This is the template used to dot pierce the text onto the aluminium.

Not much further to go now. The revolving cubes structure is all finished bar final assembly. I'll have pics of that and hopefully the finished projections box, cascading water features, and flapping banners for the next update.

Yours creatively,